• CB-1 Circleblast Internal Pipe Blasters

  • Name: CB-1 Circleblast Internal Pipe Blasters
  • Order No.: 10090235
  • Brand: AIRBLAST
  •   Scope of supply:

The Circleblast Internal Pipe Blasters are designed to blast clean pipes ranging in size from 1¼” to 12” (13 to 305 mm) I.D. The tool con- nects to an abrasive blast machine in place of a standard nozzle. In operation, the Circleblast nozzle directs the air/abrasive mixture at a deflection tip. This tip causes the blast pattern to fan out into a wide, circular pattern, which cleans the inside of the pipe as the tool is pas- sed through. Two centering devices are available to hold the tool in position during passes in different diameter pipe.

CB-1 Circleblast complete with:½” nozzle HBN-8, CBC-1 centering collars, CBC-2 adjustable centering carriage.

Air Consumption (m³/ min)
Air Consumption (cfm)
Centering Device
CBC - 1
Tool Range in (mm)
3’’ – 12’’ (76 - 305mm)
Pipe Diameter in (mm)
3’’ – 12’’ (76 - 305mm)
AHBN – 8