MRO Blast & Paint - Your first choice for all abrasive blasting and painting solutions

MRO Blast & Paint, MRO's subsidiary, has been in the blasting and painting business since 2004. We are proud to be the leading blasting and painting company in Vietnam. We have the expertise and resource to provide full range of the related products to various industrial sectors i.e. shipyard, oil and gas, fabrication facilities, petrochemical, construction, offshore and onshore projects.

Together with our leading partners and suppliers, our highly skilled and experienced engineers and project management experiences, we are deeply committed to offer our customers the highest solutions, quality products, advance technology, professional services in all aspects of blasting and painting in Vietnam.

We are blasting, painting and inspection equipment distributor of the top quality brands in the world and carry a large inventory “in-stock” to deliver the best value-engineered equipment and to provide customers with the most advanced solutions and excellent services.






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MRO Blast & Paint understand that our customer’s success is our success. That’s why at MRO Blast & Paint, delighting our customers is the highest priority. MRO Blast & Paint is with our customer every step of the way to ensure a thorough and business success.