• MB-1 Mini blast Internal Pipe Cleaner (250 mm)

  • Name: MB-1 Mini blast Internal Pipe Cleaner (250 mm)
  • Order No.: 10090230
  • Brand: AIRBLAST
  •   Scope of supply:

The Mini Blast Internal Pipe Cleaner is designed to blast clean pipe ranging in size from ½” to 1¼” (13 - 32 mm) I.D. The tool connects to an abrasive blast machine in place of astandard nozzle.  In operation, the Mini Blast nozzle directs the air/abrasive mixture at a deflection tip. This tip causes the blast pattern to fan out into a wide, circular pattern, which cleans the inside of the pipe as the tool is passed through. Two adaptors are available to connect the tool to the nozzle holder.

The Mini Blast tool is made from the finest materials available. However, some of its internal wear parts are of necessity rather brittle, due to their extreme hardness. The tool should therefore be handled carefully to avoid dropping it orgiving it a sharp blow.