• High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water Jetting

  • Name: High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water Jetting
  • Order No.: 10090212
  • Brand: AIRBLAST
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We offer a full range of High Pressure (HP) & Ultra High Pressure(UHP) plunger pumps and water jetting equipment. Every pump & unit we supply is tested and certificated for performance prior to despatch. Our range of pumps operate at pressures from 70 to 2750 bar and flow rates up to 773 lpm with ratings from 30 to 375 kW (40 to 500 hp). The pumps are rug- gedly constructed and produced in nine frame sizes, each including a range of plunger sizes. This allows selection of the ideal pump for the job. Close-coupled reduction gearbox drives are available, with a choice of gear ratio to suit most prime mover speeds. Also available are SAE engine adaptor housings allowing the pumps to be flange mounted to diesel engines, ensuring perfect alignment and making installation simple. The power end of the pump features cast iron ca- sings with splash or pressure lubrication and oil cooling, according to the applica- tion. Pump heads are manufactured from stainless steel as standard. The in-line valve arrangement prevents the adverse effects of cyclic stress within the headblock, while allowing all working components to be easily removed on site for service. Solid ceramic plungers extend the life of the self adjusting plunger seals. The UB- range of UHP pumps include design features that allows seals and valves to be monitored without tools and maintenance on individual cylinders.
Typical Applications:
• Water & abrasive blasting
• Surface preparation (coatings & corrosion removal)
• Pipe cleaning & de-scaling, tank & vessel cleaning
• Sub-sea cleaning & cutting, floor, road & runway cleaning
• Pressure Testing, cold cutting, road re-texturing & white line removal
• Heat exchanger tube cleaning, hydrodemolition
Water Jetting Units
Skid, site or road trailer and truck mounted units are available with or without sound reduction enclosures, driven by a choice of diesel engines or electric motors for use in safe or hazardous areas (ATEX compliant where required). All fabrications are grit blasted and high quality powder coated for adurable finish. For offshore applications fully certified crashframes or con- tainers are available with paint finishes to customer specification. Every unit supplied by Airblast is robust, simple to operate and maintain, and designed for longevity. Diesel engines and electric motors are sourced from world leading manufacturers and comply with the latest international standards. Simple control panels are used throughout the product range avoiding the need for PLC systems, ensuring reliability & easy trouble shooting. High capacity water filters and stainless steel suction line fittings are used as standard and boost pumps fitted for higher pressure applications. Shutdown switches are fitted where necessary to monitor various pump and prime mover functions.
To complement the pump sets, a comprehensive range of water jetting accessories is available to cover every application:
• Hand held jetting guns - land and underwater, foot control valves, unloader and diverter valves
• Surface cleaning jets - pencil, fan and rotating, pipe and tube cleaning jets - fixed and rotating
• Heat exchanger cleaning - manual and automatic, tank cleaning heads
• Floor, road and runway cleaning, water abrasive blasting, high pressure hoses, flexible and rigi