• ABSC-1028 Blast Machines (blue)

  • Name: ABSC-1028 Blast Machines (blue)
  • Order No.: 10090006
  • Brand: AIRBLAST
  •   Scope of supply:

Our blast pots are mainly designed and integrated with the wide range of nozzles, wetblast attachments, internal pipe clearning devices, dust free blasting heads, abrasive control device.

Airblast recognizes the needs of the industry and our machines offer all the features that the professional user requires. All machines can be fitted with a well designed and proven single piece remote control deadman switch and silencer which significantly redure labour cost, improve efficiency of abrasive, performance and safety.

The machines are constructed for a maximum 8.6 Bar (125 psi) working pressure. Hydrostatic test certificates are available upon request.

A choice of pnenmatic or electro-pneumatic remote control systems are available with the optional Pneumatic Abrasive Control Valve which facilitates operator to stop or start media control at the nozzle without depressurizing the blast machine, enabling high output and uninterrupted use or blowing down the blasted surface prior to coating.

Weight (kgs.)
Dimensions (diameter x height in mm)
608 x 1620
Capacity (ltr.)